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Our Approach

The Command Group Team of union laborers apply a proven, disciplined process to deliver results with military precision.

Military Teamwork

We are self-performing – working with fellow-trained veterans who are seeking careers in the construction industry. Veterans who know what hard work is.

Military Edge

Military discipline is woven into our fabric. Military focus on mission, goals, and operational tactics. Military precision that gets the job done – and done right.

Successful Collaboration

Our inherent understanding of the value and importance of teamwork also proves valuable as we work side-by-side with other independent union contractors.


This proven process includes a critical path, key decision-points, and contingencies as unexpected issues or circumstances change. The earlier Command Group can enter this process, the greater value we deliver. Our military training and discipline prepare our professionals for precise implementation and, when necessary, adapting and problem-solving for creative solutions


Phase One:

Budget & Design

Command Group's attention to detail in the beginning stage of the process is what sets us apart. Our focus is to provide accurate, timely, and cost-effective solutions for our customers.

Phase Two:


Command Group uses our military experience with backwards planning to ensure that we are working towards your goal of delivery and to the level of quality that you expect.

Phase Three:


With our extensive construction experience and military mindset, we endeavor to provide a fully transparent project so that our customers understand exactly where we are within their construction schedule.

Phase Four:


No project is finalized until we do a thorough handover to our customer. It is our goal to ensure that our customer is as well versed with their new system as we are. In the event that our help is needed, Command Group remains on call for any situation.

Certified Minority Contractor

Command Group is a certified minority contractor, self-performing
process piping with union laborers, and we’re disabled veteran owned.

Let us help you with your next construction mission.