Major: Business Administration
★ Associate Member of the Military Order of the Purple Heart
★ Member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars
★ Member of the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation

★ Deployed to Afghanistan (under the 82nd Airborne in support of Operation Enduring Freedom) and Iraq (under the First Cavalry Division in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom).
★ Managed a 15 to 20 soldier security team for high-ranking officials on a high-profile military base in Kabul, Afghanistan and regularly exercised independent judgment in said position.
★ Lead a five soldier patrol team in Afghanistan as Team Chief.
★ Provided security at a high-level detainee facility in Baghdad.
★ Performed Presence Patrols and various security operations in and around the Baghdad area.

Ryan enlisted in the US Army National Guard while a senior in high school. He completed his basic training in Fort Sill Oklahoma and then advanced training in Ft. Bliss Texas as a stinger missile operator. After his training, he attended Western Illinois University with a focus on law enforcement. In 2003 he was deployed to Iraq under the 1st Calvary Division. In 2005 he returned to school at WIU where he decided to change his focus to business. He studied abroad in France and Sweden for a year, earning a European Bachelor’s degree in business administration. Upon returning home to the US he was re-deployed to Afghanistan under the 101st airborne division in 2008. After his second and final deployment he enrolled at DePaul University in Chicago IL receiving a Bachelor of Science in Finance. Over the next 7 years he continued to work in finance dealing with wealth management, trading, and banking. He intends to go back to school for his MBA in the near future. He believes that one must always continue to be learning to further themselves and is passionate about travel and experiencing other cultures and ideas.