Tim Adkins

Founder & President

Command Mechanical Group LLC

Command Mechanical Group was formed in response to two opportunities. 

1) We have a unique understanding of the construction process and how applying a military-like approach can benefit projects throughout Chicagoland.  A military-like approach is a better way.

2) Our founder and president, Tim Adkins, understands how difficult the transition can be for our nation’s veterans as they re-assimilating to civilian life.  Tim believes he can create a better way to give back to those who have carried on the fine traditions of the US Military. 

Command Mechanical Group LLC is the single solution to address both of these opportunities.  We employ veterans in the construction industry and create an environment where they can apply the planning, precision execution, and professionalism of the US Military in an industry that so desperately needs it.  

We are a self-performing Minority and Service Disabled veteran owned company.  Command Mechanical Group proudly hires as many veterans as possible and fosters a culture that enables its greatest assets, its people, to thrive.  Our veteran professionals find a brotherhood throughout our ranks. The result is unparalleled in our ability to safely and efficiently complete complex tasks.    

We are proud of our relationships with customers, contractors, trade unions, and clients.  They tell us that we’re doing it ‘right’ and they’re proud to work with qualified veterans.  

Let us help you with your next construction challenge.