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A great solution to acquire your construction materials form a phenomenal company and meet your MBE and VBE requirements.


Veteran Source is a construction material and equipment procurement company. With our construction trade experience, we provide collaborative solution to store and deliver your construction material in the most efficient cost-effective way possible. Eliminating dunnage off site and working with the installing contractor to ensure you are getting then right material at the right time.


  • Construction material procurement
  • Material storage
  • Coordinated jobsite deliveries
  • Repacking

Industries Served

  • Commercial and Industrial HVCA
  • Food Process Piping
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medical
Success Story

Lincoln Park Zoo

A $700 thousand contract was made with the Lincoln Park Zoo for renovations to their Lion House where Veteran’s Source completed all of the equipment procurement. An additional $125 thousand contract was given to Command Ventilation for the installation of a brine tank.

Let us help you with your next construction mission.